Omega Solutions
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Let Omega help you to touch base with your customer base using the market leader of direct e-mail marketing,
Constant Contact®. We are a Constant Contact® authorized reseller, and we can help you manage the following:

Email Marketing
Email marketing helps you keep customers and prospects coming back. By utilizing periodic, professional-looking email
communications, stay in regular touch with your customers and build strong customer relationships. It's better and more
effective than regular email.

  • Direct email campaigns
  • Create attractive call to action templates that keep your customers up to date with specials, products or services.
  • Utilze opted-in e-mail lists that can be uploaded directly into your Constant Contact® account.

Event Marketing

  • Quick online registrations
  • Charge a fee, or make the event free.
  • Guest registration feature lets your event attendees register guests and family members themselves
  • Email invitations save you time and money. Invite as many people as you want. Want to fill more seats? Use the
    forward-to-a-friend feature to extend your reach.
  • Online maps included. Help attendees locate your event with integrated online maps for invitations, registration
    forms, and an event homepage.
  • Get FREE help if you need it.
  • Let us design the templates for your events
  • Set up the pay sources that best meet your needs
  • We can enter your email addresses into the Constant Contact® directory


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