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An overview of eCommerce features includes:


  • Dynamic Content Websites
  • Sophisticated Backend For Your Complete Control Reach your information any time; review sales records, buyers purchasing habits and run reports all through a web browser.
  • Retail Mode Allows use of system as a mail order/customer service module, including pricing discounts, shipping cost overrides, hot key screen control, suspension of orders to be recalled at a later date, and much more.
  • POS Mode Allows use of the system as a cash register. End of day reports show daily sales and cash reconciliation allowing the user to reconcile their cash drawer or other cash collection points.
  • Microsoft Access® or SQL Server® and MySQL Databases Supported Full-text product searches are now supported in SQL Server to speed access on large database product lookups.
  • Complete Security System Control employee access to various parts of the program with our enhanced security system, controlled by password level and IP address.
Inventory Control
  • Complete Inventory Tracking Inventory Transfer Module tracks the creation, shipment and receipts of inventory between locations.
  • Create/Receive Purchase Orders This adjusts inventory when PO’s are received.
  • Automatic Reorder Automatically generate purchase orders for products that are below their minimum reorder points.
  • Product Master Listing Provides an overview of all products and their corresponding location information.
  • Average Cost Inventory System supports inventoried, serialized, matrix, bundled/kit and service type products.
  • Inventory Modifications Make changes to your product database instantly with a web browser.
  • Seamless UPS Worldship Integration eCommerce website integrates directly with UPS Worldship. This saves a tremendous amount of time generating shipping labels and tracking numbers.
  • Flexible Order Tracking Module Allows external fulfillment house to ship product.
  • Auto Shipments and Recurring Sales Auto-ship products to your customers, based on your pre-determined specifications.
  • Shipping Cost Calculations Four methods of generating shipping costs are available. Link directly to the UPS, FedEx, USPO, Airborne, or DHL sites.
Payment Options
  • Secure Payment Integrated support for Verisign, SSL certificates.
  • Flexible Payment Options Accepts all credit cards, cash, checks, purchase orders, Paypal® and other customizable payment types.
  • International Sales Choose to sell in the USA only, USA and Canada, or worldwide. Based on your choice, the appropriate payment information is displayed.
  • Multi-Currency Support Allows on-line currency exchange updates.
  • Serialized Tracking of Gift Certificates
Product Maintenance
  • Category Management Dynamically control which categories and subcategories of products are available on your site.
  • Serialized Items Supported Serial number tracking is available.
  • Designate Personalized Items Allows customers to fill in personalized information on specified items.
  • Control Customer Purchasing Products can be displayed based on 5 different purchase levels.
  • Control Which Locations Can Sell Which Products Great tool when using the system in POS or Retail Mode, and you have products that might be sold in your retail store but not on the web.
Customer Maintenance
  • Customer Order & Maintenance Tracking Statistics Track customer profiles in terms of total visits to your website, purchase history, last IP Address, payment records, etc.
  • Customer History Customers can view their order history on-line.
  • Order Tracking System Customers can login to the main eCommerce page and review the status of their order.
  • Flexible Message System Customer message boards allow you to present real-time messages to your customers when they enter the cart.
Marketing Tools

  • Customer Referral Program Track customer generation and automatically apply customer discounts based on referral agreements.
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Promotion Tracking Design and track the success of eCommerce promotions, including on-line contests, specials, deals and more.
  • Google Froogle Export Generate the proper files to upload to Google (if you have the proper Google account) to allow the next generation of indexing of your website.
  • Customer List Generation All customers that enter the guest book are stored in the database, allowing for mass email functionality.
Site Customization

  • Flexible Website Interface Control the graphics, colors and look & feel of your website by changing just a few parameters from the maintenance menu.
  • Auto Picture Upload Automatically send your product and category pictures to your website without the need for an FTP program.

  • Flexible Report Generator Provides complete sales, order, COGs, profit and product reports.
  • Inventory Reports Includes current product inventory levels and inventory shipped by location.
  • Stock Status Reports At the press of a button, know which products are above and below their minimum stock values.
  • Security Log Reports View who is accessing your data.
  • Order Reports Provides order detail information, packing list, invoice and manual credit card processing information.
  • Shipping Reports Includes recurring shipments, total orders, shipped log and auto-ship projections.

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