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Increase the reliability of your on-line presence or IT internal corporate infrastructure by co-locating a remote server “in the cloud” at one of Omega’s hi-reliability Operating Centers. Whether you require a high availability web site or are looking for secure, reliable backup and/or cloud services, you can co-locate your equipment within one of our secure, state-of-the-art Network Operating Centers (NOC) located in Boston, MA or Dallas, TX. Omega Co-location provides our clients with:

Secure Space - Your server is housed within our NOC, protected by the same security and environmental controls as our own equipment. All locations require secured logged-in access, and are protected by 24/7 video surveillance and recordings.

Reliable Connectivity - Omega's partnership with Lightwave Networks provides the most energy-efficient and powerful operating centers, with a wide selection of cloud providers, network providers, information technology providers, and enterprises.

Expandable Bandwidth - As your business grows, we have the flexibility to meet your bandwidth needs.

Redundant Power - Our data centers are designed to run uninterrupted in the event of a total power outage, secured with both racked enabled battery backup and gas fired backup generators. This insures constant business continuity.

Monitoring - To guarantee maximum uptime and availability, complete monitoring is available as part of your solution.

Backup - With our flexible backup options, we can backup and secure your data to your requirements. Omega can provide, local, remote, and cloud based encrypted backup solutions depending on the demand of your application.

Customized Service - Omega will help you choose the features and services necessary to meet your unique business needs. From one server to multiple racks of equipment, we can configure your solution to meet the highest demand of network accessibility.


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