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SPAM and Virus Filtering
Omega Communications blocks unwanted mail at the server by using certain algorithms and techniques that trap SPAM and viruses that can damage your system. The mail that comes through is only legit email that you want and/or request.

SpamAssassin securely manages email, without the need for software or hardware. Email bound for Omega's email server is processed in real-time through a highly secure service architecture.

Within seconds, SpamAssassin securely separates SPAM and viruses from legitimate messages. Legitimate email is instantly passed on to the customer's mailbox.. Suspicious email is quarantined in a web-based, password-protected message center for the customer to review. The entire process is fully automated — valid emails pass through and cannot be physically accessed by any persons other than the recipient. SPAM can be viewed by logging into you own personal browser based email management portal.

At Omega Solutions we are well aware of an annoying by-product of the Internet called: SPAM. Emails that seem to flood your email account box with promises of riches, miracle cures and offers that we refer to as "junk mail".

We have a policy against unsolicited emails that constitute abuse of our service (read the excerpt from Omega Communications, Inc. Terms Of Service ).

Opt In
Large bona fide etailers such as Microsoft and Amazon for example will never sell your name to bulk emailers. If you "submit" your name or "register" to a site, they usually give you a choice if you wish to receive future mailings.

This is referred to as "opting in"

Many times the default on the form you fill out is set to "Opt In". Make sure you look for that and click it to deactivate that function if you choose not to receive these email offers.

In all cases, a bona fide source will always give you a valid opportunity to be removed from the mailing list.

Please read the privacy policy if you are not sure of the validity of the service being provided.


TIPS: We have some tools in place that can assist you in filtering other unwanted messages.

1. DO NOT RESPOND to these messages even when the state that you can be "removed from the list". In many cases the spammers use an algorithm that allows then to cull names and even make up names that may or may not be valid from an ISP. If you "respond" to them by hitting "reply" they in effect "gotcha" as a valid name on their list. Even if you are removed from that list, they can turn around and place you on another list! (yes, spammers have no scruples) back to top

2. USE YOUR EMAIL SOFTWARE OR OUR WEB MESSAGING CENTER TO FILTER YOUR EMAIL: Go to the web messaging center for your service and log in. Select "change processing rules" Hit "ADD" to create a rule. SELECT A FIELD that you want scanned (subject, body, from etc). TYPE IN WORD OR PHRASE that you want the scan to block out. SELECT MAIL BOX that you want all messages with your "blocked word or phrase" to go to. NOTE: If you select DELETE, the message will be permanently deleted before you can review it. (see next tip) back to top

3. CREATE A MAIL BOX OR A FOLDER JUST FOR JUNK MAIL WHERE YOU CAN "MASS" DELETE JUNK MAIL WITH A FEW CLICKS. If you are afraid that sending messages directly into the delete bin you may risk deleting "wanted" messages, you can choose to create a new mail box within your Web Messaging account or a folder in your email software and call it (i.e) "junk mail". You can then choose to send all the "make money" (etc) emails to this "junk mail" folder/box. Once you receive mail, you can view that box or folder, scan all the headers/subjects and delete the junk mails all at one time by holding the "shift" key, selecting them and deleting. Please note, if you create a mail box and choose to send junk email there, you are responsible for keeping ALL of your email boxes within your allotted storage space. If not, your mail box will continue to fill up and future messages (good and bad) will get blocked because you have run out of room on your account.


Should I just change my email name?
Changing your email account name is to be used as a last resort. Keep in mind that even if you change your name, the spam will still begin to find its way into your email box.

We encourage you to try out the methods above and if you are still not having any great results the last resort is to change your email account name but take precautions.

Why can't Omega monitor emails and block those that seem to be going to hundreds of customers?
Try this scenario: Your cousin sends an email to his entire list of 100 extended family members announcing a family reunion, we block it thinking it must be spam...

It would be impossible for us to determine on a minute to minute basis out of the many thousands of emails that flow through our services each day what each of our customers consider spam and what emails are sent because someone has"opted in" to receive such messages.

Hopefully now you are beginning to see the difficulty we are faced with. Not to mention the associated costs that would result in monitoring each and every email that passes through our systems.

Isn't Spam protected by the First Amendment?
No, not particularly. The First Amendment protects your rights to speak freely, it does not guarantee you a platform that forces people to listen to you. Especially one that potentially costs you money! If a spammer is sending you email, the ISP has to allot bandwidth, you are paying for your time online and for the bandwidth costs for the ISP to stay in business.

Isn't blocking Spam considered Censorship?
Censoring is rating or prohibiting based on content. Blocking is putting the content where it belongs--only with those who act in order to read it.

If you haven't "Opted In" to receive the information you are perfectly within your rights to block it out. The spammer can't acuse you for censoring them if you didn't request it in the first place. Especially when they turn around and resell or reuse your name on another list when you attempt to "Opt Out"!

That also helps to explain why Omega can't simply block or filter mass emails or emails we might consider offensive. It is not our place to judge what you have opted to receive.

Laws and Sites that Prevent SPAM:
There are many organizations fighting the scourge of spam and they need your support in reporting spammers and abusers.

If this seems like an impossible task, take heart, the government has heard the call and has passed laws making unsolicted faxes a federally prosecutable offense since 1991. (Read : U.S. Federal law ) Many state laws also prohibit prohibit the practice.


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