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Does Your Office Need to go Paperless?

If you are a Medical Office and you haven't yet setup a computerized paperless, electronic health record system, then the answer is YES!

AND... Omega will be there for you every step of the way. Start managing your records electronically. Omega's full service process will insure you get the proper software, hardware and network setup that meets the government requirements to take your practice paperless.    

The adoption of the electronic health records (EHRs) system must be embraced by medical offices by the year 2015. This requirement, set into motion by the Federal Government, is being supported with $27 billion dollars in funds being expended over the next five years, mainly disbursed to those medical offices that "go paperless" and can meet the proper Meaningful Use requirements the government has mandated.

If you install an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system during 2012, each practitioner that has purchased the system may be eligible for the complete $44,000 incentive rebate (paid out over 5 years).  This incentive goes down each year, until the year of 2017.  At this point the incentive goes away and those offices that haven't complied must bear the full burden of this cost.  If you are not paperless by the year 2015, penalties are also imposed that will decrease the amount of medicare and medicaid reimbursements you receive from the Federal Government.  Please review the chart below to see the incentive schedule.

Paperless Medicare Schedule

After installation is complete, the practitioner must meet “Meaningful Use” criteria to receive the governments incentive reimbursement.

Omega's EHRs partner is gloStream™.    gloStream     gloStream

gloStream™ is a technology company that provides premier, voice-enabled, electronic medical records and practice management software solution to doctors and healthcare facilities. To hear what other doctors are saying about gloStream™ Click Here.

Omega’s process can position you for success by providing a solution that can meet ALL Meaningful Use requirements.  PLUS, we guarantee you will return to full patient load within 15 clinic days.  Why? Because gloStreams solutions are so familiar and easy to use we guarantee it in writing!

Our process is simple.

  • Omega will perform a free network evaluation to determine if your current system can handle the software requirements.
  • If you require a hardware update, Omega will spec the hardware, install it and train you on all new hardware and operating systems.
  • Omega will coordinate the installation of the software and schedule the proper training for all of your employees.
  • All of your current forms that help you manage your practice will be duplicated electronically so there is no new paperwork that needs to be learned.
  • gloStreams solutions provide you with all the reporting tools to help you meet Meaningful Use incentives mandated by the Federal Government.
  • Omega can setup and monitor an effective network monitoring and Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) system to insure your practice continues to run smoothly and effectively.
  • Omega’s monitoring allows us to spot early signs of trouble, take actions to prevent problems from occurring.  Then remotely or with on-site support services we’ll get your network up & running quickly.
  • Most software companies require you to purchase their software upfront, then recover your costs through the Federal Incentive Program.  Omega can setup a purchase or leasing program that can match the payouts of the government incentives, minimizing the impact to your cash flow.
  • We are local.  When you call us, You get us.

We believe in the gloStream product and it is our recommended software solution.   But, if you have selected an alternative software vendor, we want you to know that Omega can set up and support your network, then help you navigate the software installation and other administrative tasks required to properly manage a safe, secure network.

If you want to read more about the Federal Government's program on going paperless, click on the links below:

Incentive Information Retrieved March, 2012, from
The Official Web Site for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs
EHR Incentive Program Timeline [PDF, 908KB]

Go Paperless NOW while you can do it for little to no expense.  After 2015, it must be done, and the incentives disappear.  
Going Paperless is our specialty. 


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